Waiting Child: Amanda

This video is no longer available.

CHARLOTTE, NC- This week’s Waiting Child can crack any murder mystery case and has a heart for babies.  She’s hoping her dream will come true of finding a forever family.

This is Amanda.  She’s 16 years old, enjoys hanging out with her friends, going to the movies and shopping.  She listens to a wide variety of music from country, gospel to rap, but what she really likes to do is read, “I like mystery books where they have to find the murderers. I like Law and Order so that’s what got me into it.”

Now she wants to be a lawyer when she grows up.  Amanda says she has keen instincts which help her easily break the case, “Like when I start reading I be like I know it’s this person because of this.”

Another special talent Amanda has– she says she’s great with babies, “I like helping with babies. I just love babies. I don’t know why I just get attached to them.”

She fills me in on a few techniques to calm down a crying infant, “They say when you put it on your chest and it hears the heart beat that it soothes them.”

When it comes to Amanda having a family of her own she shares her vision of a perfect family, “A family consists of people who get along when they even have ups and downs they understand each other and love each other.”

When I ask her if she’s ready to have her own family her answer might shock you, “I’m scared to get attached to somebody and then have to leave or like them push me away.”

Help Amanda learn what it’s like to have a family to call her own. consider adoption.

If you think Amanda would be a good fit for your family contact The North carolina Children’s Home Society.