Waiting Child: Mary

This video is no longer available.

CHARLOTTE, N.C- This week’s Waiting Child has a big heart, enjoys the outdoors and loves animals. The only thing missing is she doesn’t  have a family to call her own.  

This is Mary, her dream is to live on a farm one day.  Spending time on a ranch surrounded by animals was pure joy and excitement for her today, “I really want a family that has animals and a farm or just two dogs.”  She really likes horses.  This is her reason for wanting to live on a farm, “I get to do the hay for the horses and I get to take care of their babies.”

Mary likes to color. She says she gets good grades in school, loves math and her favorite books are those about dogs.

Mary knows exactly what she wants to be when she gets older, “I want to go to high school then college then veterinarian school and be a veterinarian.”  

She says it breaks her hearts to watch commercials on TV about animals not having families.  She wants to make a difference, “Help them when they’re sick and the people that don’t want them I’ll take them in my house.”

She’s hoping you will make a difference by helping her find a family of her own.

Mary tells me she’s waiting patiently, she knows her family is out there, “All I want is to get adopted and be in a home with family that loves me.”

Consider adoption.  You have the choice to change a life forever.  If you think Mary would be a good fit for your family contact The North Carolina Children’s Home Society