Waiting Child: Elizabeth

This video is no longer available.

CHARLOTTE, N.C.- In this week’s Waiting Child we meet a young lady who loves to draw, has a fun personality and is looking for a family to call her own.

Elizabeth is16 years old and in her first year of high school.  She’s hip, cool and has a vibrant personality.  She also likes to make people laugh, “Everybody thinks the (e) stands for Elizabeth but it really stands for extra. I’m kidding, it stands for Elizabeth.”

Elizabeth enjoys listening to music, especially Linkin Park.  Her favorite movie is Titanic, and she tells me she loves to read, “I like any kind of book really as long as it doesn’t have words.  I like looking at pictures you know like comic books and stuff.  That’s my favorite.”

Elizabeth is an artist who loves drawing anime characters.  She also likes reading monga books and she hopes her talent will take her to exotic places like Tokyo and Paris.

She typically finds herself drawing girl anime characters with long bangs swooped over one eye, “I suck at drawing guy animes but sometimes I just free draw, I get it and then want to draw it again but I can’t.”

Elizabeth is looking for a family to love her, support her and bring her into their own family.  She says sometimes it feel like she’s missing out, “To be honest I really want a family cause I always go out with my group home and my foster homes and I see this family or something and they’re having fun and I’m like I really want that.”

She believes one day she will meet her perfect family. 

Consider adoption you have the choice to change a life forever.  If you think Elizabeth would be a good fit for your family contact The North Carolina Children’s Home Society.