Waiting Child: Shanyia

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -This week’s Waiting Child hits the kitchen to do some baking.

Meet Shanyia. She’s 13 years old and loves to dance and listen to music.  She says she’s excited to go to high school next year and plans to be very active, “I want to do everything. I want to be on the step team, the cheerleading team, the dance team and marching band.”

Even though dancing is her passion she has her mind set on a different career, “I actually want to be a doctor because I like helping people but I also want to be a dance teacher on the side.”

Another one of Shanyia’s hobbies– baking.  She started when she was eight years old so we decided to jump in the kitchen to make chocolate cake cookies.  With Shanyia breaking down each step one at a time, “Then we’re going to dump it in the batter that we made all day and you have your cool whip and you’re going to dump it in there.”  It wasn’t long before she puts me to work,  “You want to try? I had a feeling this was coming some time soon.”
After rolling out the cookies and placing them on the cookie sheet we set the timer for nice, warm, soft and perfectly made cookies all thanks to our baker Shanyia.
Shanyia is looking for a family to take her in and to love her.  She envisions what her perfect family would be like, “It would be a kind and nice family that’s strict enough to care about you, that loves you, that’s there when you need them and that’s funny and jokes around but is also serious at times.”
Consider adoption you have the chance to change a life forever.  
If you think Shanyia would be a good fit for your family contact the North Carolina Children’s Home Society.