Protect your N Charlotte Toyota from theft with our tips!

Car theft is a pretty common occurrence these days. According to the FBI, a car is stolen every 44 seconds in the United States… that’s a little alarming, if you ask us! That’s why our N Charlotte Toyota dealership sat down to come up a list of tips to help you protect your new Toyota car from theft!

Our N Charlotte Toyota Parts department can help you protect your car! 

There are obvious ways to protect your new Toyota car near Charlotte – an anti-theft system, for one! Installing a car alarm is pretty simple, and our N Charlotte Toyota parts department can help you order AND install one to keep your car a bit safer. There are other anti-theft measures you can install in your car, too – check out options like an ignition cut-off switch or a tracker that will alert the authorities as to your new Toyota car’s whereabouts. You can even use something as simple as the Club, which will prevent thieves from being able to turn your N Charlotte Toyota’s steering wheel! 

However, there are additional ways to protect your new Toyota car in N Charlotte from theft, and they’re all pretty simple! Let’s take a closer look!

It’s easy to deter thieves from your new Toyota car

One way to help prevent theft of your N Charlotte Toyota car is to avoid high-crime areas – both driving through them, and parking in them. Take the longer (safer) route to get to your final destination, and pay a bit extra to park in a better parking lot. Doing so reduces the possibility of your Toyota car getting stolen!

Another good way to help avoid car theft is to park your car under lights or in a busier area. Thieves are less likely to mess with your N Charlotte Toyota car if it’s in a well-lit area or there are a lot of pedestrians passing by to see them! 

You should also avoid leaving valuables out in your car! Lock up your expensive belongings in your glovebox or center console, or put them in the trunk where they are out of sight. Leaving valuables in plain sight makes it more enticing for thieves to steal your N Charlotte Toyota car, so lock them away! 

Tinting your windows will also help with the aforementioned problem of valuables in sight – you can’t lock up that expensive audio system you had installed, right? Tint the windows on your new Toyota car near Charlotte to make it more difficult for thieves to see inside, thus making them less likely to mess with your ride. 

One last tip – take good care of your car. Cars that are in good condition tend to look newer, and thieves view newer rides as more likely to have an alarm system installed! Wax, shine your wheels, and keep things nice and tidy inside the cabin! 

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