The Watch with Will Kennedy: Home Burglaries Spike

Criminals are breaking into homes in Dilworth, Elizabeth and parts of Myers Park at an alarming rate.

CHARLOTTE, NC — A massive spike in crime in some of Charlotte’s most desired neighborhoods. Residents are on edge, and CMPD is working with them to try and keep the community safe.

Criminals are breaking into homes in Dilworth, Elizabeth and parts of Myers Park at an alarming rate. Residential burglaries are up 650% in one CMPD response area. Now neighbors are banding together, and working with police, to try and protect themselves.

“They were in the house, and they were upstairs sleeping, as the story goes,” says Dilworth resident Tom Stanley. “Somebody came in through the garage window.”

Tom Stanley lives across the street from a family that built a big house; then someone broke in and robbed them on their first night in the new home.

It’s a scenario that is suddenly becoming too common in this neighborhood.

“A lot of construction,” says Stanley. “A lot of traffic. Something we don’t have any control over. And we’re only two blocks long.”

“A crime of opportunity,” says Officer John Frisk with CMPD’s Crime Prevention Unit. “I mean if people are in these neighborhoods and they don’t see cars there during the day, they wait around and they do their homework. And they say, you know, they’re going to take a chance.”

This is not the type of neighborhood that you picture when you think about a rash of burglaries. But this little pocket of Dilworth off Dorothy Drive saw seven B&E’s in the month of April.

There have been 15 residential burglaries since April 1st in this CMPD response area made up of Dilworth, Elizabeth and parts of Myers Park. Last year there were two in the same time period.

There have also been 11 commercial B&E’s. There were none last year for the same period last year.

“That’s a lot you know, and obviously that’s something we need to focus on,” says Officer Frisk. “We need to get officers in those areas and figure out what’s going on.”

CMPD is working to find the people responsible for the crimes, and working with the residents to keep the community safe.

Tom Stanley says the neighborhood is now using an email alert system to help police their street.

“It’s brought us a whole lot closer together,” says Stanley. “You know we have communication going on, and the community naturally gets tighter because of that.”

Dilworth residents have a group meeting scheduled for June 1st. CMPD will be on hand to talk about ways people can protect themselves and their homes.