The Watch with Will Kennedy: Crime Trend Puts Dilworth Residents on Edge

Residents in Dilworth are coming together, and reaching out to CMPD to help keep their community safe.

CHARLOTTE, NC — Tonight residents in Dilworth are coming together, and reaching out to CMPD to help keep their community safe.

We told you last week about a series of burglaries in a small pocket of South Dilworth, but that’s just part of a larger crime problem. The neighborhood has been hit with a laundry list of crime in the last two months.

Seven home burglaries in April alone. Stolen cars. Vehicles broken into. Vandalism, theft and several calls on suspicious people and vehicles.

This section of Dilworth has seen more than it’s share of crime recently. It’s also got a flurry of building and construction on new homes going on. And some residents think that may be attracting the wrong element.

“They can kind of watch the new construction; they can see who’s moving in.” says Katrina Hutchins, who lives in the neighborhood. In my opinion, it kind of seems like somebody’s sort of watching, and paying attention to what’s going on around here.”

The Dilworth Community Association held its monthly meeting Wednesday night at the Tom Sykes Center. CMPD was there to talk about crime trends in the area, and ways residents can protect themselves.

“If you see that car that doesn’t belong, or it’s not your neighbor’s and you don’t believe they’re expecting anyone, call 911,” Officer Jim Gilliland told the meeting. “We’ll be happy to come out and talk to them, find out who it is.”

“Keep being aware of anything that’s going on,” says DCA President Matthew Demetriades. “Certainly any suspicious activity, just call 911, let them know.”

Dilworth is part CMPD’s Providence Division; which saw increases in robbery, burglary, larceny from and stolen vehicles in the first quarter of 2016.

Like many living in the this area Hutchins says her family is taking extra precautions, and counting on CMPD to increase its presence.

“Keeping our gate closed and lights on,” says Hutchins. “We have an alarm, and we’re making sure we set it. I would probably like to see more police activity. To be honest, I feel like I haven’t seen enough.”

“Add additional officers on the dual sports, the motor bikes; something different,” says Officer Gilliland. “Hopefully bicycle patrol now during the summer.”

CMPD arrested a suspect who may be responsible for some of the Dilworth home break-ins after a similar crime in another division. They also picked up a teen involved in some of the car break-ins.