Going Vegan With Zell Or Zilch

CHARLOTTE, NC — For anyone looking to go meatless Zell or Zilch is taste-testing some new products for the new vegan.

Veestro – A vegan gourmet food service that delivers healthy food right to your door. No cooking, chopping, cleaning, chemicals, or preservatives. Price: starting at $6 Veestro.com

Gardein – Vegan, kosher, cholesterol free, reduced calories, less sodium, and almost half the fat of other pizza pockets. Price: $4.89 per box (Box includes 4 pizza pockets) Gardein.com

Mega Mouth OMG-500-S Juicer – Extra-large feed chute that lets you throw in full fruits so you don’t have to chop your fruits and veggies. Price: $150 OmegaJuicers.com