#GirlGang Forms Through Passion For Panthers

Meet the "Girl Gang." The group of women who met on twitter, thanks to their love for the Panthers.

SPARTANBURG, SC – The Panthers shattered their training camp attendance record this summer, as more than 135,000 fans showed up in Spartanburg to watch their favorite team practice. Among those who attended, members of the Girl Gang, or #GirlGang, I should say. It was easy to spot them in the crowd, and I had to meet them. I’m glad I did! These ladies know their football, and love the Carolina Panthers.   – Kelli Bartik

A front row seat for these ladies. An official banner to boot.

“It’s wonderful,” says Abbie Lewis. “These ladies, it’s so great being a part of them.”

This Charlottean moved to Atlanta 14 years ago…but now her Panther passion is revitalized. Abbie Lewis found the Girl Gang on social media….a group that fits her perfectly. “I found, one: they don’t really talk a lot of football in Atlanta. And two: it’s hard to find women, so when I got on twitter, these ladies, we just kind of connected.”

The Girl Gang’s momentum paralleled the Panthers run to Super Bowl 50.

Girl Gang member, Joan Lewis, explained how their trip to training camp came about. “We were talking after the Super Bowl how much fun it would be if we could all meet down here. And so maybe 5 or 6 of us were trying to organize it, and then it kind of snowballed and turned into 24 of us being here on Sunday.”

The gang’s longest traveled member is Leon Hardt, who came all the way from Los Angeles, California.
Hardt says it was worth the trip. “So I came out here for the very first time, see the panthers for the first time, B of A tour yesterday for the first time, and just loving it.”

Monica Hillman is from Mooresville. For her, the Girl Gang goes beyond touchdowns and tackles on game day.
“It’s more than just loving the Panthers… friendships, and we talk to each other, not just about Panthers, but just different things maybe going on in our life.” Abbie Lewis agrees. “It started with football, and now we’re definitely, we’re friends.”

And this gang of girlfriends hope this first trip to training camp is just the beginning.
“We need to go to Hawaii…yeah, we need to go to the Pro Bowl. Exactly.”

You go, #Girlgang!