The Watch with Will Kennedy: Suspect Shoots at Man During Car Break-In

CMPD is urging people to play it safe and call 911.

CHARLOTTE, NC — Call the police!

Simple advice, but it could save your life. More criminals are carrying guns, and that means confronting a thief, in the act, could have dangerous, even deadly, consequences. CMPD is urging people to play it safe and call 911.

In the early hours of Monday morning, here in this Southwest Charlotte neighborhood, a man living inside this home heard someone going through his car in the driveway. He came out, confronted the man who was inside his car. The police report says that man came up the driveway, turned around and then fired at that victim.

“If they’re breaking into your home, if they’re breaking into your car, we would tell you to assume they do have a gun,” says CMPD officer John Frisk. “That’s why we would say don’t approach that person. Be as safe as you can. And it’s only property, it can be replaced.”

Fortunately, the victim in this case on Wilson Glen Drive was not injured, but he could have been! The suspect who pulled the trigger is still on the loose. Neighbors we talked to didn’t want to go on camera, and are definitely on edge.

Back in May, we did a story on a car break-ins in East Charlotte. Tony James was in his home, grabbing a middle of the night snack, when he saw the interior light on in his wife’s car in the driveway.

“And that’s when I started noticing the flashlights going around,” said James. “So I immediately called the police.”

Police showed up quickly, and were able to arrest several suspects, recovering multiple stolen items, including a gun.

Officer John Frisk is with CMPD’s Crime Prevention Unit. He says the best play is to call 911 right away, then try to get a description of the suspect from a safe distance.

“We might just be doing our zone checks around that area,” says Officer Frisk. “We get that call, and you know we’re two minutes away. And the suspects maybe they ran, and now they’re walking. We got a great clothing description, and we can go and investigate it.”

The suspect in this case will face charges of breaking and entering, larceny from a vehicle and assault with a deadly weapon.