Learn the top five ways to keep your car engine in good shape

car engine maintenanceOwning a car is a big responsibility; you have to employ safe driving when you’re behind the wheel, as well as make sure your passengers follow the rules of the road, too. However, the responsibility doesn’t stop with operating the car. You also have to maintain it! Today we’re talking about car engine maintenance. It’s an imperative part of keeping your car in top running shape and giving it a long and efficient life, and Toyota of N Charlotte is here to tell you how to do it!

It’s easy and affordable to maintain your car engine

Taking care of car engine maintenance doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. In fact, if you stick to a routine schedule, you’ll find that it’s both affordable AND easy! Here are our top five Charlotte Toyota service tips for keeping your engine in excellent shape.

1) Get a tune up when you’re due for it. You won’t need a tune up very often or very soon if your car is newer. Typically, you’ll need this Charlotte car engine maintenance if your car is getting up there in mileage (60,000 miles) or if your spark plugs are starting to wear out. Our techs will check your engine from top to bottom and replace/repair anything that needs to be taken care of.

2) Follow an oil change schedule. We know we harp on the importance of oil changes all the time, but they’re an essential part of car engine maintenance! Let our Charlotte auto service techs get you on an oil change schedule so your ride gets regular maintenance and can handle anything your drive time may throw its way.

3) Change your air filter. Your engine needs to breathe, and your air filter ensures that it can do it. You need to routinely replace your air filter, which blocks debris from getting into the engine itself, in order to let your engine operate at peak performance. Our auto maintenance techs can take care of this as needed for you!

4) Stay on top of fluid maintenance. Oil isn’t the only fluid under the hood that needs to be maintained. You’ll also want to have our techs check things like coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and power steering fluid. And don’t forget windshield wiper fluid while you’re at it!

5) Be aware of noises, leaks, and smells. You drive your car on a regular basis, so you know what’s normal and what’s not. If you hear something out of the ordinary or smell something abnormal, you should definitely bring your car in for service. Also, keep an eye out for leaks under your car – if you see one, take note of the amount of fluid, the smell, and the color to report it to our techs!

Let Toyota of N Charlotte help you with car engine maintenance

Ready to schedule car engine maintenance at Toyota of N Charlotte? Stop by and see us at 13429 Statesville Road, or call us at (888) 378-1214 to learn more about our Toyota service specials!  

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