Keep up with routine auto service in 2017!

“Charlotte Toyota service”Routine auto service is a major part of keeping your car in top notch condition. It’s easy to rinse it off and throw on a coat of wax, or even vacuum the interior and keep your trunk organized. But that’s just surface – what goes on under the hood is even more important to your ride’s lifespan! That’s why we think it’s a great idea to set a new resolution for 2017… keeping your car up to date on routine auto service at Toyota of N Charlotte!

What routine auto service schedule should you keep in 2017?

What does a routine auto service schedule look like, though? Here are the basic parameters as laid out by our Charlotte Toyota service techs:

Every 5,000 miles, you’ll want to get a tire rotation and have our techs check the condition and inflation of them. You’ll also get a free multi-point inspection if you visit our service center, where our skilled mechanics will examine your entire car from bumper-to-bumper. If you’re using conventional oil, you’ll also need an oil change about now!

Every 10,000 miles, you’ll want to bring your ride in for another multi-point inspection, tire rotation, and oil change whether you’re using synthetic or conventional motor oil. Just remember – the longer you stick to a routine auto service schedule, the better your drive time will be!

Every 15,000 miles, you should come into Toyota of N Charlotte for a repeat of the above services, but this time our techs will also check your air filter. By now it should be pretty dirty from protection the engine from debris, so you’ll be due for a replacement to keep things running smoothly.

Learn how to care for your car in the new year with Toyota of N Charlotte

Every 20,000 miles, you’ll want to repeat the tire rotation and oil change routine for maximum performance. However, this is also a great point in time to have our Charlotte Toyota service tech check your brakes to ensure your brake pads are the right thickness, and that everything else in your braking system is up to par.

Every 25,000 miles, you should go ahead and repeat – again – the conventional oil change and tire rotation. But have our techs check out all belts and hoses under the hood this time, as they tend to wear out over time, especially if you’re driving in extreme weather conditions.

Why bother sticking to a routine auto service schedule at our Charlotte car maintenance center? Well, here are some of the perks:

  • You save money, as you’ll have less repairs to deal with. The better you maintain parts under the hood, the longer they last!
  • You’ll get better fuel efficiency, which will lower gas costs and help you get greener in the new year.
  • Your car’s performance will be better and you most likely won’t need emergency, unscheduled maintenance because it’ll have all the necessary tools to get the job done!

Ready to schedule service? Call us today at (888) 378-1214 and ask about our Toyota service coupons to save even more money in the new year!

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