Use our used car shopping tips to land a new ride for 2017

“used cars in Charlotte NC”Do you need to start shopping for a used car in Charlotte, but find yourself having trouble getting off the couch? We get it – going out in the cold isn’t always fun, and the week in between Christmas and New Year’s is the time to relax and recharge before 2017 makes its big entrance. We’ve got good news for you – with our tips, you can do most of your Charlotte used car shopping from the comfort of your couch. You don’t even have to get out of your pajamas!

Do your used car shopping from the comfort of your couch! 

When we say you can shop from home, we mean it. We simply recommend coming to our Charlotte used car dealership for a test drive and to sign the dotted line, as you always want to see the car and how it handles in person before buying, and financials and paperwork are always easier if you can knock it out face-to-face. However, here are the steps you can take from home!

Define your ride. What characteristics are must-haves (like space, performance capabilities, etc.) and what characteristics are just nice additions? Make lists for both and decide what you can compromise on and what’s absolutely necessary to help you narrow your search.

Pinpoint your price point. How much are you willing to pay both overall and in monthly payments for your Charlotte used car? Before you name a number, be sure to calculate in fuel costs, insurance costs, and routine maintenance costs to ensure your budget can handle it all.

Explore our Charlotte preowned car inventory online 

Choose a make and model. With your lists and your pricepoint, you should be able to pick out a few makes and models to suit your needs. Head over to our website and browse our used car inventory to see which ones we have in stock at our dealership!

Do research. Now that you have makes and models chosen, start researching. Read reviews from drivers, and also check to see if there have been any major issues or recalls with your picks. This can save you a lot of time, money, and stress in the long run!

Scope the inventory again. Use our handy website to explore all of our inventory and get information regarding price, performance, technology, safety, fuel efficiency, and anything and everything else you need to know before you buy a used car in Charlotte. Jot down your top choices and then change out of those pajamas – it’s time to call and schedule a test drive!

When you arrive, our sales specialists can show you around our Charlotte used car lot. If the cars you chose are already gone (which is why you shouldn’t delay), they can show you alternate options based on those handy lists you created – print them out and bring them with you! We’ll have you in the driver’s seat in no time.

Ready to schedule your appointment? Call today at (888) 883-3797. You can also swing by if you’re in the area – we’re at 13429 Statesville Road!

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