Double Door Inn Closes Door For Good

“It’s bittersweet it really is, so much work so much love has gone into this building and it’s going to be over with,” said Co-founder, Matthew Karres.

Its a packed house at the Double Door Inn, the last crowd this historic music venue will see after decades of hosting every genre of musicians playing in Charlotte.

“Charlotte isn’t ,we don’t preserve here and that’s a very very sad thing,” said Karres.

Soon these old wooden walls will be bulldozed making way for new growth.

“The first third of this block will eventually belong to Central Piedmont, the opposite third across from the hospital will belong to the hospital and the mid part will probably be high rise condos,” said Karres.

But the Double Door won’t be forgotten, thanks to a documentary honoring the venue’s role in Charlotte history.

“We are Charlotteans and realized that one of the pearls of the crown of Charlotte was about to go away,” said Kim Brattain with Kim Brattain Media.

Since June Brattain and her team have been taking decades of music and interviews with key players.

“We wanted to preserve the history more than anything and we did get all of this great music from all of these musicians who have played here,” said Brattain.

Musicians like the  Spongetones. who are well know in the Charlotte music scene.

“It’s like going home love the place, something about it, the building is just one part of it, the funky dressing room it’s weird and it’s funky and it’s alternate, it’s bohemian,” said Steve Stokeckel of the Spongetons.