Inside a CMPD Crime Investigation

CHARLOTTE, NC — A tip from the community, and some strong teamwork, led CMPD to a pair of suspects in a string of armed robberies from Charlotte pharmacies.

We got the chance to go inside the investigation as detectives and crime scene investigators solved this case.

A series of armed robberies from pharmacies across the Charlotte area in late November and early December had CMPD’s Armed Robbery Unit on alert, with six locations hit in a month.

“We got a tip on this one from the community, and it led us to the suspects,” said Sgt. Brian Scharf.

That tip led to a vehicle, an SUV that may have been involved in the crimes.

Detectives had probable cause to search, obtained a warrant, and brought the vehicle to Crime Scene Search.

“I photographed the exterior and the overall of the vehicle, as well as the interior,” said CMPD Crime Scene Investigator Allison Spiegel. “So we know where everything was, and what damage was there.”

Inside were the tell-tale signs of the robberies; drugs stolen from the pharmacies, and a gun. All the evidence was photographed and logged. The vehicle was registered to a suspect they were looking for, and that cut down on the amount of time needed to process the SUV.

“The type of crime,” said Spiegel. “What’s inside of the vehicle. So if I had added DNA or fingerprinting to this car, we’d still be on that right now, and it would move a lot slower.”

Thanks to the work of the Armed Robbery Division and Crime Analysis, CMPD was able to arrest two suspects. Jamir Montegut and Javonne Michael Carter both face multiple charges.

“That’s the most important thing, because the evidence to the case was inside the vehicle,” said Sgt. Scharf. “You know items taken from the robberies were still in the vehicle. There was a firearm in the vehicle. And the vehicle belonged to one of the suspects.”

Both Montegut and Carter are being held in the Mecklenburg County jail. Carter is scheduled to appear in court this Friday.