NCDOT Treating Roads Ahead of Winter Weather

” We gotta little puppy and it’s going to be his first snow ever so that’s going to be awesome, ” said one South Charlotte resident.

Whether families have pets or kids people are looking forward to a forecast of snow this weekend.

” Yep I am excited and she’s excited,” said a South Charlotte mom.

North Carolina DOT says they  will start treating the roads Thursday morning around 9:00 after the morning traffic rush.

“If we get a head start on putting down the brine solution it gives it a chance to get worked into the pavement by having warmer temperatures and by having the traffic the heat from cars coming and going,” said NCDOT spokeswoman, Jenn Thompson.

Jenn Thompson with NCDOT says if we get close to 6 inches as forecasted,  people will need to be careful in their neighborhoods Saturday morning when accumulation is at it’s thickest.

“We operate on a tier system so the roads that get the higher volume the 1-77, 85, 485 corridor those are going to get plowed and taken care of first,” said Thompson.

North Carolina isn’t the only one preparing, this storm system is expected to hit south of 85 as well, so South Carolina DOT says they are also getting their crews ready to treat the roads.

“We do not want ice to be on the road any formation whatsoever so right now we think Friday morning is when we’re going to do the actual treatment of the roads,” said Steven Diamond with SCDOT.

They remind everyone to watch out for the trucks since they’ll be moving slow on the major highways.

“For Friday pretty much all hands on deck, we have 25 to 30 trucks on the road they’re very large trucks so only going 35 miles per hour on the highway,” said Diamond.

One positive, the snow isn’t coming on a weekday morning.

“Good thing is it’s a weekend so maybe we won’t have a lot of traffic to contend with as we would on a weekday morning w folks going to work and school so that might help our operations,” said Thompson.