Winter Storm Update

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Half of you will be thrilled, and the other half… not so much. There is a tight gradient in the WCCB viewing area where there has been heavy snow  north, and little to no snow south. So far, Northern Mecklenburg County to the Foothills have seen about 4-8″ of snow. In the Mountains there was a good amount of snow as well with 6-8″ reported in Burke County. From mid Mecklenburg County south we are looking at a very wet sleet/snow mix. Possible icing on the roads with a cold rain.

There will be lingering snow until late morning. Winds are going to be strong for the first half of the day, with gusts around 20 mph. Charlotte will struggle to reach 30 degrees this afternoon. Wind chill will get down to the single digits tonight. Black ice is expected. We are going to stay cold, but sunny in Charlotte Monday and Tuesday. High temperatures are going to be lingering in the low 30s to start the work week. Finally on Tuesday highs will be in the mid 40s. Chance for rain returns Tuesday night.

Hey! If you didn’t get the snow you were hoping for, It’s okay! With a short drive you can find that perfect snow hill.