Wilson’s World: History and Food Come Together at the Five and Dine in Rock Hill

ROCK HILL, S.C. –  Wilson has taken us to the Five and Dine in Rock Hill before.  But today, he went back to the restaurant to find out more about the iconic events that put this building in the history books.

Before it became the Five and Dine, the location was McCrory’s Variety Store which was the site of the historic civil rights sit-in where on January 31st, 1961 the Friendship 9’s “Jail No Bail” strategy changed the protest movement.  Proudly displayed in the restaurant are the original stools and lunch counter where history was made.

David Williamson who was one of the nine men who changed history that day sat down at the same counter and talked with Wilson about the event.  David sat in almost the same location he was sitting when he was arrested during the sit-in.  He spoke with Wilson about some of the people who participated in the event, the reasons for their participation and what they went through.

Dr. Kimberly Johnson, author of the book “No Fear for Freedom,” which chronicles the story of the Friendship 9 joined Wilson and David to talk about her book and the how it passes the significance and historic value of the event on to the next generation.  Find out more about Dr. Johnson and her book HERE.

Serving lunch and dinner and brunch on Saturday and Sunday, the restaurant serves up American classics as well as fun and new scratch made items.

The Five and Dine is located at 135 East Main Street in Rock Hill and is open 7 days a week.  Find out more about the Five and Dine at their website eatatfiveanddine.com or follow them on Twitter @FiveandDine or on Facebook.

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