Wilson’s World: Thanking the Volunteers with the American Red Cross

CHARLOTTE, N.C. –  Wilson is a huge fan of the American Red Cross and everything they do.  He has covered many of their events and blood drives.  But today, he is at the American Red Cross on Park Road in Charlotte where he was shining a light on some of the most important people working at the Red Cross…their volunteers.

The American Red Cross is a volunteer organization that for years has helped those in need.  For every one employee of the Red Cross, there are about 37 volunteers that give their time freely.  One of the many things the volunteers do is visit with community groups to teach them how to be prepared and “Red Cross ready” for almost any type of emergency.

This year the American Red Cross in Charlotte will be celebrating 100 years of service to the people in the Charlotte area.  And every year they are in need of more and more volunteers.  Just a few of the areas that they currently need volunteers in are transportation, disaster action team and blood donor assistance.  For more information on how you can volunteer, go to their website or click HERE.

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