Friends Remember Longtime Paper Carrier Wes Scott

CHARLOTTE, NC– “It is very tragic it is very tragic, Wes was a pillar in the community,” said close friend and Oakhill Deli & Grill owner, Randy Helms.

Friends of 65- year old Wes Scott want to make sure he is remembered as more than an overnight newspaper carrier who was shot and killed.

“He’s been a hero, for Charlotte. People do not the nightly the crimes that he stopped, the times he called law enforcement, the times he called 911 when delivering his newspapers,” said Helms.

Scott was also a sworn in as State Constable in York County were he worked with the Drug Enforcement agency. And for more than 40 years Scott worked under contract for a company with the Charlotte Observer delivering newspapers to businesses, sometimes in rough parts of town.  Armed as a law enforcement officer, Helms says he would stop crimes in action.

“Break-ins, armed robberies, things like this that were going on and in multiple multiple occasions he intervened and put his own life at risk to do the right thing,” said Helms.

CMPD says they found Scott dead on Martin Luther King Junior right by Romare Bearden Park. Right now they are searching for a motive and suspect.
Helms says Scott knew he was a target at night, but felt called to help people.

“No matter your race color or creed, Wes was the kind of person that he saw that you were in danger in any kind of way he was there to protect you, he was a protector,” said Helms.