Conduct your first DIY car safety inspection with our checklist

"Car safety inspection"Whether you’re heading cross-country for a spring break vacation or just commuting back and forth to your daily grind, you want your car to be in good shape. After all, a well-maintained car means a safe car! Today, Toyota of N Charlotte wants to show you just how easy it is to conduct a DIY car safety inspection from the convenience of your own garage or driveway. You definitely want to bring your ride into our Charlotte auto service center for larger problems, but these are elements you can check on your own to save time and money.

Six things to note in a car safety inspection

Here are six things to check out during your car safety inspection!

1) Headlights: You want your headlights to be shining bright and clear every time you hit the road in dark conditions. Check to make sure all bulbs are working, and ensure the plastic surrounding them is clear enough for the light to effectively reach through it. And don’t forget to test your brights while you’re at it! We offer Charlotte headlight restoration if things aren’t up to par.

2) Wipers: Are your wipers making weird squealing noises, or smearing water around instead of clearing your windshield during your car safety inspection? If so, then you need new ones. Get the blades replaced at our Charlotte Toyota Service Center!

3) Horn: Test your horn! Remember, this is how you alert other drivers on the road, so it should be blowing loud and clear. (Just try not to annoy your neighbors.)

4) Tires: Do a car safety check on your tires once a month. First, inspect them for wear and tear, noting any bubbles, blisters, or damage (which can lead to a blowout). Next, check the PSI to make sure they’re properly inflated. Finally, check the tread. Take a penny and place it head-down in the tread… if you can see Abe Lincoln’s hair, your tread is too shallow and you need new tires soon. Our Charlotte auto service center can assist!

Our Charlotte auto service techs advise doing this inspection once a month

5) Brakes: Test your brakes during your car safety inspection. Are they quick and reactive? If they feel mushy or like you have to push harder to bring your car to a stop, you may need Charlotte brake service. Also be aware of any funny smells or sounds – screeching noises are an indicator you need new brake pads before you damage your rotors.

6) Glass: Check the glass in your car, especially the windshield! You’ll want to make note of any cracks, dings, or chips. These may seem like no big deal now, but they can quickly become larger issues that cost a lot more money to repair. If you see any mars, be sure to schedule service to have them fixed!

Have a larger issue you want checked or need some assistance with your car safety inspection? Call Toyota of N Charlotte today at (888) 378-1214, or swing by 13429 Statesville Road!

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