Bomb Threats Against Jewish Institutions in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC — Shalom Park in Charlotte was among the wave of bomb threats against Jewish institutions across the U.S. Monday.

Hundreds of people use the South Charlotte campus every day. It’s open to the public, not just the Jewish community.

It’s the third threat against the campus in two months.

Parents like Senator Jeff Jackson picked up their kids from school there as soon as they got the notification.

“To the folks behind this, you don’t know this, but you lost fight a long time ago, and you’re going to continue to lose it,” said Sen. Jackson.
Sen. Jackson’s two sons go to school on Shalom Park campus. His wife works there.

“If there’s a security concern there, you’re talking about my entire family,” said Sen. Jackson.

Another mother, too concerned to reveal her identity, called WCCB Charlotte’s Courtney Francisco.

“We’re talking about something really frightening. We’re talking about hatred of an entire group of people,” said the mother.

A police report says someone called the Charlotte Jewish Day School just after 9:00 Monday morning with a bomb threat.

CMPD documented two prior threats: one on Jan. 4, the other on Jan. 9.

“This is very real and antisemitism exists,” said the mother. “And it’s our responsibility as citizens of Charlotte, Charlotteans, and citizens of the United States of America that we teach our children better.”

Jewish institutions in at least 12 states received threats Monday.

Over the weekend, someone vandalized grave sites in Philadelphia.

“They’re just embarrassing themselves,” said Sen. Jackson. “What they don’t realize is all they’re doing is solidifying the opposition against them.”

The Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte says after each threat, it evacuates portions of the campus, notifies parents and police perform security sweeps.

So far, no threats have been credible.

“This is something we all need to take seriously, even if you’ve never stepped foot on Shalom Park,” said Sen. Jackson.

Police have increased patrols at Jewish centers across our area.

Temple Kol Tikvah’s rabbi in Davidson says they haven’t had any threats, but they are on alert.