Caught on Camera: Woman Arrested After Firing Gun at I-77 Traffic

CHARLOTTE, NC – Frightening moments caught on camera, a woman seen waving a gun at traffic on I-77 in South Charlotte Saturday morning.

“I noticed this woman in the median. She was acting a little frantic,” explains Rock Hill, SC resident Sasha Turner.

Turner just wanted to help a stranded driver, but the situation turned frightening when he realized she was waving a gun firing toward traffic and then towards him.

“Whenever cars would pass by I’d hear.. ‘Pop!’ he explains.

Turner says she shot at him three times.

“There was a bullet so close to me. I couldn’t really believe it!” he says.

Police charged 24-year-old Erica Free of Richmond, Virginia with discharging a weapon on occupied property.

A police report shows she also struck a Chevy Cruze traveling along the interstate.

No one was hurt, but Turner was shaken up.

“I didn’t know what to really think! I was a little scared, I actually, I could have gotten shot right at that moment.”

WCCB Charlotte asked Turner why in that moment he decided to pull out his phone and record.

“I just figured I should, people would want to see it. Cause I don’t think people would believe that story,” he explains.