Group Against ICE Stops CLT City Council Meeting

CHARLOTTE, NC — A crowd temporarily shut down the Charlotte City Council meeting Monday.

Hundreds filled the meeting in wake of recent ICE arrests.

The crowd chanted “No more ICE!” as council members tried to proceed with the meeting. Police escorted one person out for interrupting.

The group says immigrants are afraid ICE will rip them from their families.

City Council allowed 10 people to talk during the public form section of the meeting. After that, the crowd became rowdy.

The group marched over from a protest against ICE at Marshall Park.

They were at the meeting to demand council take a stand against bills that target immigrants and take a stand against ICE.

ICE has arrested more than 100 people in the Carolinas this year.

The regional ICE spokesperson tells me the agency is not randomly stopping people or conducting sweeps. He says President Donald Trump’s immigration policy expands the definition of who they can detail, resulting in the arrests.

Here’s what protesters had to say at council:

“Rather than seeing an officer as a figure of protection, they become figures of terror. It impairs people from coming forward and reporting cases of domestic abuse… and other crimes. This pushes people into shadows and more vulnerability,” said one woman.

“Charlotte, if you say you are a welcoming city to immigrants, you also need to stand up and protect the families that you are welcoming,” said a man.

Here’s a list of demands listed by Comunidad Colectiva, Southeast Asian Coalition, Familias Unidas and Charlotte residents:
1. Mayor Jennifer Roberts and City Council publicly fight back against HB318 and 287g.
2. CMPD to use discretion when dealing with undocumented individuals and refuse all collaboration with ICE.
3. Distribution of funds to provide legal services for immigrants in deportation proceedings.
4. City Council to stand up for immigrants.

Mayor Jennifer Roberts tried to calm the crowd, explaining these are federal issues. Council members did come upstairs to the lobby to talk with protesters after the meeting ended.