Storm cleanup continues in Myers Park area

“The first thing that we knew something was wrong was the cable tv went out, but never lost electricity but lost TV, lost the internet,” said Myers Park resident, John Asinger.

Neighbors living around Queens Road in the Myers Park area say they heard the rain and storm but didn’t expect to wake up to the massive damage that it caused.

“A lot of trees down, saw the one on the house over here, a couple on Queens road,” said Asinger.

Like this home on Queens Road West, where a massive tree uprooted and crushed the right side of the house. Tree cleanup crews worked into the evening Thursday cutting it up and removing the debris.

Just a few streets down neighbors say it’s like this large old tree just slid out of the ground and took off half of this house. The family was home at the time but thankfully nobody was injured.

Charlotte City arborists says Wednesday’s storms resulted in 38 calls for tree removal service. Now is the time for homeowners to check their trees especially the aged tree canopy in older neighborhoods like Myers Park.

“You’re always in the back of your mind, a tree could fall on your house but at the time didn’t think anything of it,” said Asinger.