CMS Student Detained by ICE Could Soon Face Immigration Judge

CHARLOTTE, NC – We’re learning new information about a CMS student detained by ICE. Gustavo Zamudio, known as “Gus” could face a federal immigration judge this week.

His attorney will ask for a bond to see if he can be released.

“They’re seeing in their eyes.. he’s guilty. But we don’t know that because he hasn’t been in front of a judge yet,” explains immigration advocate Byron Martinez.

Martinez, with the group Unidos We Stand, is working with the Zamudio’s family.

Zamudio is being held at Stewart Detention Center in Georgia.

An arrest warrant shows the senior at Northwest School of the Arts is accused of embezzling nearly $3,000 from a Harris Teeter in Myers Park where he worked.

A police report says he pocketed the cash over a seven week period.

“He doesn’t fit what President Trump described as criminals and rapists and all this stuff,” Martinez says.

He says Zamudio’s detention is clear evidence of the policy shift under the Trump administration.

“I think under Obama’s policy, this kid would have been out,” he says.

Martinez and Zamudio’s friends say the teen, who has no prior criminal record, isn’t a danger and should be released.

Friends say Zamuido was born in Mexico and has been in the U.S. for 12 years.

He had been protected under DACA, but an ICE spokesperson says that can be revoked at any time.

Immigration attorney Kathy Brennan says people under deferred action should be very careful because they don’t have the same protections afforded to green card holders.

“DADA recipients are not lawful permanent residents,” Brennan says.