Police Arrest Three Suspects For Robbery Crime Spree

CHARLOTTE, NC– “It’s just excellent work, it’s just great keen police work it’s the root of what we do,” said CMPD Sgt. Brian Scharf.

Police credit an off-duty CMPD officer with stopping a crime spree going on since late December.

“Saw a vehicle that matched a vehicle we had given patrol officers to look for and the people in the vehicle matched the suspects descriptions,” said Sgt. Scharf.

Those suspects are 40-year old Sean Boyd, 37-year old Derrick Adams, and 29-year old Bryan Blakney. Police say from December 27th to March 2nd those three men plus another man who police say is still on the loose are responsible for at least two carjackings and robbing 18 gas stations around Charlotte from Eastway Drive to Statesville Road.

Three of the businesses were hit twice like the 7-Eleven on Sam Roper Drive.

“You catch yourself watching the surroundings and see who is close who is in the area, kinda watch your back so to speak,” says Ricky Bebber from Taylorsville, North Carolina.

All three men are no strangers to crime including armed robbery.

“They have very long all of them have very long rap sheets, frankly some of the worst I’ve seen,” said Scharf.

“Our system just don’t do anything, they slap them on the wrist and send them walking the next day two days,” said Bebber.

Police say they hope to keep these suspects behind bars.

“For the victims for me yes it’s very frustrating, people having guns put in their faces innocent people,” said Scharf.