CMPD Says Rival Groups Responsible for Shootings

13 shootings in one month, many into occupied property, led CMPD to open a special investigation.

CHARLOTTE, NC — Rival groups settling scores with what Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police are calling “gang-like activity”.

Thirteen shootings in one month, many into occupied property, led CMPD to open a special investigation. We have new details on the number of arrests, and how many guns they’ve taken off the streets.

“There were about two groups that were involved in these shootings,” said CMPD Lt. Brian Sanders. “Related to shooting into occupied dwellings, as well as ADWs.”

CMPD launched a special operation after learning that 13 shooting incidents last December were connected.

Sanders works in the anti-crime unit, and says a few groups were committing these violent acts.

“What we would call gang-like activity, by committing acts of violence throughout the city, mainly against each other,” said Sanders.

CMPD is not saying these are gangs, because members are moving from group to group. But they are putting innocent people in harm’s way. It’s a scenario that Charlotte community organizer Dana Sidberry says we’re seeing way too often.

“Some people, they just get upset with each other,” said Sidberry. “They see things on Facebook, and they do these ‘pull ups’. And nobody is taking the time to say wait a minute, let me look into this situation, let me talk to somebody else first. And then it always ends in violence.”

CMPD’s investigation into these shootings is a collaborative effort, pulling resources from several areas and divisions. So far, 28 people have been arrested and 20 guns have been taken off the streets.

Those arrests include Quay Davis, Jamison Fryer and Justin Slade; all of whom have criminal records. All of whom are facing weapons charges.

And it’s those weapons, paired with a lack of conflict resolution, that may be contributing to the violence.

“This is how they were trying to reconcile that disagreement,” says Sanders. “Is by shooting into houses associated with it, with them.”

“Everything is just so immediate, and so life-determining,”said Sidberry. “Nobody is taking the time out anymore. It’s just hurry up and split decisions. And we have to slow down.”

CMPD says the investigation into these shootings is ongoing. Police have also confiscated drugs and other illegal items during this operation.