Good Samaritan Saves Charlotte Teen

CHARLOTTE, NC — A Charlotte teen attacked and beaten by seven people, rescued by a good Samaritan. She says that attack came after relentless bullying because of her sexuality. Now she and her mother are speaking exclusively with WCCB, and calling for an end to the violence.

“She wants to fight you,” Shonnell Brown recalls. “She’s going to fight you. Regardless if you fight her back or not.”

Shonnell says the problems started on the bus Wednesday morning. The senior at Hopewell High School in Huntersville has been bullied after coming out as a lesbian.

“Just leave me alone,” says Shonnell. “I don’t want anything to do with any drama at all. Because I’m trying to graduate and get my diploma.”

“You send your kid to school to learn,” says her mother Lavetea Brown. You don’t have to be worrying about what’s going on; if somebody’s bothering your kid. Or if, you know, she’s going to get chased home by a group of people.”

The verbal and text threats continued through the day, leading to a confrontation after school.

“She started scratching, and pulling, and everything on me,” says Shonnell. “Trying to get me down to the ground. And this is the shirt that I wore that she actually ripped off of me.”

After the fight, Shonnell went here to a nearby park to blow off some steam, and think about what happened. But it wasn’t over. A group found her, chased her into the street on Beatties Ford Road, and then attacked her.

“As they were chasing me, I ran across the street, into traffic,” says Shonnell. “And I tried to, you know, dodge them. And he grabbed me by my neck, by the back of my collar, and pulled me back. They proceeded to stomp, kick and push my head down. Beating me. Kicking me. Stomping me. All at the same time, not stopping.”

Shonnell says she doesn’t know her attackers. But this was retaliation for the fight. She called 911, but couldn’t give her location. While she was being beaten, a man pulled over and stopped the attack.

“He got me up off the ground,” says Shonnell. “Brought me over to the truck, on the other side.”

The good Samaritan then took Shonnell home. Her mother took her to the hospital.

She has some scratches and a bruised arm, but x-rays and a cat scan were negative. It could have been worse.

“Oh god, thank you!” Says Lavetea. “Thank you so much! Because if it wasn’t for him, no telling what would have happened to her.”

“If they wouldn’t have stopped, I could have been in the hospital for months,” says Shonnell. “Probably in a ditch, or dead.”

CMPD is investigating the incident and trying to identify Shonnell Brown’s attackers. Her mother says she met with staff at Hopewell High School Thursday, and plans to meet with the administration to try and find a solution to the bullying and violence.