Three Arrested After Being Stopped By TSA With Loaded Guns At Charlotte Douglas International Airport

CHARLOTTE, NC — Officials with the Transportation Security Administration say three people were arrested after trying to bring loaded guns on board planes Thursday.

According to reports, the first person was arrested around 6:30am at Checkpoint D, the second was just after 10am at Checkpoint B, and the third was arrested at 9pm at Checkpoint C. Officials say they don’t believe the incidents were related.

The guns were detected by X-ray machines in the passenger’s carry-on bags as they attempted to go through the security checkpoints, TSA officials say. CMPD says Shane Derry, Paula Chipman, and Lisa Blalock are all charged with Carrying a Firearm on Airport Property.

Officials say 12 firearms have been detected at Charlotte Douglas checkpoints so far this year. A total of 53 were found in 2016.

The TSA says passengers are allowed to travel with firearms as long as they are unloaded and placed in checked baggage, packed in a hard-side case, locked, and packed separately from ammunition. The firearm must then also be taken to the airline check-in counter.


For more information from the TSA on how to properly and safely travel with a firearm, click here.