Governor Cooper Calls for HB 2 Repeal in State of the State Address

RALEIGH, NC – In his first State of the State address Monday night, Governor Roy Cooper urged lawmakers to act this week to repeal HB 2.

Cooper called the law a dark cloud hanging over the state.

“Let’s do it this week. It’s time to move on,” Cooper said.

The Governor says if lawmakers pass a repeal, he’ll sign it the same day.

“Citizens from Cherokee to Chocowinity are sick of it and they are wondering when we’re going to cut away this heavy anchor weighing us down,” Cooper said.

But lawmakers still seem far from a deal.

Monday night Republican Representative Mark Brody from Monroe introduced a bill aimed at the NCAA and ACC.

Brody thinks the groups, which pulled sporting events from the state over HB 2, may have violated their tax exempt status.

“They are trying to regulate the privacy and safety aspects of our citizens. That’s something that strictly reserved for the General Assembly,” Brody says.

House Bill 328 calls on the General Assembly to file a complaint with the IRS alleging the groups engaged in political lobbying.

“They’re now threatening and using economic extortion, in other words, they’re saying, we won’t participate in your state anymore unless you pass this social legislation,” Brody says.

UNC Charlotte Political Science Professor Eric Heberlig tells WCCB Charlotte bills like this show lawmakers still haven’t found common ground.

“It’s digging in. It’s pulling fingers. It’s making enemies rather that trying to bridge differences,” Heberlig says.