Deputies Need Help Identifying Suspect Vehicle Involved In Break-In

LINCOLNTON, N.C. — Deputies need your help identifying the owner of a vehicle involved in a break-in.

Investigators say the suspect stole a radio from a vehicle that was parked at a business on East Powell Drive.

Surveillance video shows a white pick-up truck pull onto the property at the rear entrance.  The suspect, who was wearing a black hoodie, blue jeans and tan boots, got out of the vehicle and pulled on the handles of two other vehicles in the parking lot that were locked.  He then pulled on handle of a third vehicle and was able to access due to the door being unlocked.

The suspect is accused of stealing a Kenwood radio from the vehicle.  The suspect’s vehicle is described as an extended cab, possibly a Ford Ranger or Chevrolet, truck that is white in color with a black or dark gray trim around the bottom of the cab.  The vehicle also appears to have some type of emblem on the driver’s side door.

Anyone with information about the break-in or the owner or operator of the vehicle involved in the break-in is asked to call 911.