New Legislation Would Limit Medical Malpractice Rewards

CHARLOTTE, NC– “We’re talking about people who have been injured through no fault of their own, primarily through medical negligence,” said attorney, Charles Monnett.

Attorney Charles Monnett represents some of those patients. He says new legislation in Washington proposing a $250,000 pain and suffering cap on damages needs to be brought to light.

“It’s grossly unfair, for instance, we have a client due to medical error had both hands and both feet amputated,” said Monnett.

The bill passed the House Judiciary Committee with support from North Carolina Congressman Robert Pittenger. He introduced similar legislation in North Carolina back in 2003 which led to our state having a $500,000 cap.

“This is a measure that will bring reason into this process and not allow it to be exploited by trial lawyers,” said Congressman Robert Pittenger.

Pittenger says presenting cases to a jury opens the door for large rewards which causes doctors to spend time and money on defending themselves versus doing their job.

“Most of them are very frivolous they make all kinds of threats so they have insurance to cover it it’s just another factor driving up the cost of health care,” said Pittenger.

“There are no frivolous medical malpractice cases”, said Monnett.

Monnett says North Carolina already has tough restrictions just to file a suit, which is why he says the cap is to protect big corporations, not patients.

“The best way to encourage them to practice safe medicine is to hold them accountable when they do not,” said Monnett.