Attorney For Family of Man Shot By CMPD Questions No Release of 911 Call Yet

CHARLOTTE, NC– “We’ve requested the 911 calls but have not received them and I think this is a test if CMPD is really committed to transparency,” said attorney, Charles Monnett.

Attorney Charles Monnett represents the family of 25-year-old Yaroslav Mosiuk. His sister called police last Wednesday worried, telling dispatchers her brother was acting strange and she was scared he might hurt himself. Two patrol officers responded to their home on Justice Avenue. CMPD says officer Brian Walsh perceived a threat after seeing  Mosiuk with a hunting rifle so the officer fired.

“I don’t understand I mean the 911 call is what it is, his sister said what she said I’m not sure what they’re reviewing it for or why they would need to review it before releasing it to the public,” said Monnett.

WCCB has also requested the 911 call and followed up with police asking why it hasn’t been released. CMPD says detectives and attorneys are still reviewing it.

“It’s my understanding based on the information available to me that the gun he was holding would not fire and that his sister attempted to convey that information to the 911 dispatcher at the time she placed the initial call,” said Monnett.

Monnett also says they want to know if the officers had training responding to mental health calls and if not… why?

“Were there things that could have been done from the beginning of this encounter so that everyone’s lives could have been saved,” said Monnett.