Forest Hills Student Charged With Making False Report Of Mass Violence

UNION COUNTY, N.C. — Deputies arrested a Forest Hills High School student for making a false report of mass violence through social media.

Deputies say they began investigating the circumstances Tuesday evening after a picture circulated through Snapchat warning of a possible school shooting at Forest Hills on Wednesday.

The investigation revealed that a student took a photograph of his dad’s rifle and added a caption at the bottom before circulating it to friends, according to a news release.

Deputies say the original message was not a threat of violence to Forest Hills or any specific person.  Another student, later identified as Francisco Vega Juarez, 17, is accused of altering the message at the bottom of the original photo and added a warning that read, “People from Forest hills don’t come to school tomorrow ….is about let hell loose tomorrow at school #schoolshooter.”

Juarez faces a felony charge of making a false report concerning mass violence on an educational property.  He is currently in the Union County Jail.  Union County Public Schools will determine the school discipline that Juarez will face.