Make sure you drive safely in heavy traffic this spring break

driving in traffic Spring break is in our imminent future if it hasn’t already arrived for some schools, and that means that traffic is about to ramp up. Do you know how to handle heavy traffic safely and efficiently? Toyota of N Charlotte has traffic safety tips to share to help you get through backups and jams without losing your cool. Let’s get started!

Try to avoid heavy traffic by being proactive

Heavy traffic is frustrating mostly because it’s unavoidable, and there’s really nothing you can do about it once you’re stuck in it. However, there are some ways to try and beat the backup – check out these N Charlotte Toyota tips:

  • Check traffic before you leave your house. Your new Toyota may have the ability to give you real-time or even predictive traffic reports via the Entune App Suite, so before you leave the driveway take a minute to see how your route looks.
  • Take weather into consideration. If it’s raining, snowing, or icy, the roads will undoubtedly be slower because of drivers taking more caution and more accidents occurring. Assume that bad weather = heavy traffic!
  • Leave early. By checking weather and traffic, you’ll be able to predict if heavy traffic is in your future. If it is, leave the house earlier to get to your final destination in time with as little stress as possible.

Use these N Charlotte Toyota tips to deal with traffic when you’re stuck in it

However, here at Toyota of N Charlotte we know that sometimes, traffic jams are unpredictable and you aren’t even aware of them until you’re already stuck in one. We have some tips to help you deal when you’re in the thick of things:

  • Stay cool. It’s easy to get hot under the collar when you’re stuck in bad traffic, but do your best to keep calm. Road rage leads to nothing but more frustration and sometimes, a collision.
  • Use it as “me” time. You’re stuck in the car, but this also can be the time you listen to a great audiobook, turn up your favorite playlist, check out a new podcast, or learn a new language. Instead of viewing it as wasted time, just try to utilize the extra time behind the wheel as free time!
  • Follow the rules of the road even if others don’t. Use your turn signals, don’t cut people off, and don’t follow too closely. You’ll lessen your chances of getting into an accident if you use safe driving in heavy traffic.
  • Conversely, use defensive driving to stave off drivers who aren’t following the rules of the road! This means staying alert and being aware of your surroundings so you can act quickly to avoid an accident, instead of reacting to one as it’s happening.
  • Don’t rush. It’s better to arrive late than to not arrive at all.

Want more tips, or want to check out new Toyota safety technology guaranteed to make your drive time a bit more secure? Call Toyota of N Charlotte today at (888) 883-3797, or swing by 13429 Statesville Road to get behind the wheel! 

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