Ray Jackson’s Great Niece: He was a Humble, Family Man

GASTON CO., N.C. – Something is deeply wrong with people who prey on the defenseless. Makes you wonder what exactly was going through the minds of the three men now accused of killing 90-year-old grandfather Ray Jackson.

36-year-old Willie Frazier, II was arrested Friday. On Wednesday, 42-year-old Brian Carver was arrested after police found him hiding in the shower of a room at the Red Carpet Inn Motel. His stepson, 22-year-old Joshua Rick, was arrested Wednesday, too. The three men are all now charged with first degree murder.

Mr. Jackson’s body was found under a bridge on Landers Chapel Road by a Department of Transportation crew on Monday. Mr. Jackson, whose family tells WCCB lived alone for more than a decade after the death of his wife, disappeared from his home the night of March 5th.

His great niece Amber Jackson tells WCCB that Mr. Jackson was humble, a family man, a church-going man. She says, “He was the type of man that would open his door to a stranger, I mean, just not having that kind of awareness that you should have today.”

The criminal record we found for Frazier dates back to 1996. It includes felony drug charges, larceny, hit and run and possession of burglary tools. He got out of prison two years ago after spending about a decade behind bars. The criminal record we found for Carver dates back to 2004. It includes things like DWIs, driving with revoked licenses, getting caught with burglary tools, which is a felony, and misdemeanor assault in 2004. And the criminal record we found for Rick includes felony breaking and entering, larceny and felony destruction of property. People who have experience with him describe rick to WCCB as “evil” and “mean.”

Carver is also accused of assaulting another man inside his Gaston County home, while robbing him at gunpoint on March 7th. And he’s accused of assaulting, robbing and kidnapping a couple inside their Gaston County home on March 11. His bond has been set at more than $1,000,000. A judge denied bond for the other two suspects.