Second Day of Protests at Sons of Confederate Veterans Convention

ROCK HILL, SC – A Sons of Confederate Veterans convention sparked a second day of protests in Rock Hill.

York Technical College allowed members to hold their conference on campus.

Members of the Rock Hill and Western York County branches of the NAACP say they aren’t upset the group is meeting, but are concerned about the symbolism surrounding the SCV’s use of the Confederate flag.

“It’s a memorial banner to the veterans and their families who fought in the war for southern independence,” explains Leland Summers, with the SCV.

“The underlying message is hatred towards another race. The underlying message is separation,” says Dorene Boular, with the Rock Hill NAACP.

The school did not allow the SCV to display the flag outside the event, but they were allowed to have it inside.

The SCV argues the flag is a symbol of heritage not hate.

“We’re a private organization. They’re a private organization. We haven’t asked them to change their emblem, so they shouldn’t be asking us to change ours,” Summer says.

“It’s come down from the State House and it should not go up anywhere else,” Boular says.