911 Call Released In Latest CMPD Officer Involved Shooting

Listen to the 911 calls here:

CHARLOTTE, NC– “She is right there when he’s shot and she is severely distraught,” said attorney, Charles Monnett.

For the first time since the officer-involved shooting last week that killed 25-year-old Yaroslav Mosiuk. CMPD allowed attorney Charles Monnett to sit with Mosiuk’s sister Olesya to listen to her 9-11 call where she tells the operator her brother is acting crazy in her house, so she left.

Operator: ” Is he just having like a mental breakdown or is he trying to kill himself?
Olesya: ” I think so I think he’s having a mental breakdown, he hasn’t slept in days”

She then tells them there is a gun in the house, but her boyfriend and her had it dismantled and hid the key.

Olesya: ” He grabbed the rifle from under the bed and he tried to load the magazine but the main like part to it is hidden, you know, we take it apart, like hide it”

Monnett says they also got their first look at the two responding officers body cam video.

“When you see the body cam it sounds like they’re surprised when they look in the house and see he has a gun, but she’s clearly tried to convey to them that is the situation and I wonder if they got adequate information,” said Monnett.

CMPD says Officer Brian Walsh saw Mosiuk in the driveway with a hunting rifle causing an imminent threat so he fired. Monnett says he didn’t clearly see a rifle in Mosiuk’s hand in the video. Now he says he and the family want CMPD to be transparent.

“We would encourage them to release both body cam videos there’s two officers that respond let the public see what happened and draw their own conclusions,” said Monnett.

We’ve reached out to CMPD asking about the body camera video and are yet to hear if it will be released. Officer Walsh is on administrative leave pending the investigation which police say is standard procedure.