HB 2 Repeal Efforts Ahead of NCAA Deadline

CHARLOTTE, NC – With a deadline looming and five years of NCAA Championship games at risk, lawmakers hope to reach a last minute deal.

“I think you’re running out of last chances finally for North Carolina and for Charlotte,” explains Erik Spanberg, with the Charlotte Business Journal.

He says despite all the state has lost, college sports hits home for North Carolina.

“When you talk about college basketball and the tradition that goes statewide, I think that’s why this particular issue resonates more than anything else,” Spanberg says.

“It’s an incredibly serious moment for us as a state,” says Matt Hirschy with Equality NC.

He says lawmakers need to find common ground for the good of the state.

“It’s really sad because it seems that they’re more interested in playing games than they actually are in solving North Carolina’s problem,” he says.

Missing out on college championship sports could mean a $250 Million economic impact that would be lost according to the NC Sports Association.
“Unfortunately, until they do something to fix our brand, North Carolina is going through a whole lot more hurt,” Hirschy says.

“It adds up to significant money and it really hits a couple of industries very hard. Obviously tourism, hotels, restaurants, they are really the ones who are feeling the brunt of this,” Spanberg says.

State Senator Jeff Tarte introduced his own repeal bill Tuesday.

“It’s time to lead, follow, or get out of the way,” Tarte says.

He says now is the critical time to make sure something gets worked out.

“I think we’re real close to completely blowing it,” Tarte says.