Governor Cooper Signs Compromise HB2 Repeal Bill

CHARLOTTE, NC– “I could not tolerate having House Bill 2 being the law of the land in North Carolina, I could not tolerate it another minute,” said Governor Roy Cooper.

So Governor Roy Cooper says he took the best compromise deal he could get with a Republican super majority. House Bill 142 includes a repeal of House Bill Two – but restricts city’s from passing anti-discrimination ordinances like the one Charlotte passed until 2020. Which Cooper says is not perfect but is a step in the right direction.

“With House Bill 2 in place local governments could not pass protections for their LBGT employees now they can,” said Cooper.

Many credit Cooper for bringing Democratic votes.

“I think he was willing to acknowledge that we weren’t going to move on things like the bathroom protections that we all thought was very important,” said Representative Scott Stone.

But three Charlotte legislators elected including Representative Chaz Beasley held strong voting against the bill.

“It did not have adequate protections for all North Carolinians, I think it’s a real problem that takes us backwards on civil rights,” said Rep. Chaz Beasley.

Though Democrats do say they hope Charlotte can move on starting with meeting the NCAA deadline.

Elected officials say the repeal bill passed here wasn’t just to satisfy the NCAA deadline however, Charlotte business leaders say it will be nice to take HB2 out of conversation and bring business back to Charlotte.

“We’d like to be selling Charlotte’s favorable cost structure selling the great work force we have or the connect-ability of the Charlotte airport we’d rather not be talking about bathrooms this allows us to move forward,” said Charlotte Chamber President, Bob Morgan.

But Governor Cooper promised the LGBT community he’s not finished fighting for them even if he stopped short of it this time.

“While these additional protections may be temporarily delayed they will not be forever denied,” said Cooper.