Dog Saves Woman from Attack on Charlotte Greenway

CHARLOTTE, NC — A woman walking on a Charlotte greenway, attacked by a man with a knife. Police say her dog may have saved her from a sexual assault.

CMPD is increasing patrols in the area, as they search for the suspect.

“South Division has increased the number of patrol in the area,” says CMPD Lt. Jason Helton. “Uniformed patrol, in those neighborhoods around the Greenway.”

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police are responding in full force, bringing in more bike patrol units around the clock and a utility terrain vehicle. All in response to an attack on a young woman who was walking her dog on the Four Mile Creek Greenway near the entrance at Johnston Road Thursday evening.

“He attacked her from the back,” says Lt. Helton. “It was with knife point. Based on what the suspect indicated, it was not a robbery. Didn’t ask for any property. I mean we’re looking at it as a sexual assault against the victim.”

The victim told police she was able to escape when her dog bit the suspect. The woman was not seriously injured.

CMPD used k-9 units and its helicopter to search for the suspect, but the man is still at large.

“You don’t want to think about it with so many families that come here, and so many people that come with their dogs, and young kids as well,” said Ballantyne resident Nicole Casella. “So it does raise some concern.”

CMPD is encouraging people to be more aware on the Greenway, using safety in numbers and common sense.

“I don’t think I’d walk down here early morning or late afternoon by myself,” said Richard Greene, who was walking the Greenway with his wife Friday afternoon. “But during the day, or with somebody else, makes it safe.”

“You really need to buddy up with somebody, and just come out in pairs and walk,” said Marlon Haniff, who was walking with his family. “Walk as a group. It’s a great thing.”

CMPD describes the suspect as a black male, about six-feet tall, bald, between 30 and 35 years old.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to call Crimestoppers.