East Charlotte Man Accused of Kidnapping, Murder Waived Extradition

CHARLOTTE, NC– “Very smart little girl and I mean they were just, Curtis and Ruby they just loved that little girl,” said former neighbor, John Johnson.

Neighbors who knew Ruby and Curtis Atkinson Senior say they are shocked by their murder.

“I know they were good people, but what went on here, I don’t know nothing about that,” said neighbor, Bennie Little.

The Atkinson’s had custody of their granddaughter 11-year old Arieyana Atkinson after her father, their youngest son, was killed years ago.

“That poor little girl has obviously been through some trauma,” said Johnson.

Monday morning her uncle, 36- year old Curtis Atkinson Junior waived extradition after police say he killed his parents, kidnapped his niece and fled to Washington, DC. Twenty-five year old Nikki Cooper was also in the car when police found them and arrested on drug charges. Former neighbor John Johnson says he knows Curtis Junior left his parents with some pit bulls to care for, but he can’t imagine what would lead to this.

“I know they had argued about that because he was supposed to come over here and help with the dogs and he wouldn’t so Curtis end up being responsible for them,” said Johnson.

Police haven’t said when Arieyana will return to Charlotte – or who will care for her.

“She play with the other kids a lot,” said Little.

Police credit Arieyana with calling 911 which led to her rescue and uncle’s arrest.

“I know she’s obviously had to live through the fact her dad was killed and now to have to go through something like this, it’s bad, really bad,” said Johnson.