Chief Putney, elected officials speak out on crime increase

CHARLOTTE, NC– “The violence is such a problem it’s troubling,” said Chief Kerr Putney.

And it’s not going away. Twenty-seven victims since the beginning of the year compared to 12 this time last year. Chief Putney says they’re targeting repeat offenders, illegal guns, and hot spot areas.

“What we’re seeing is this is not random, this is not people all over the city who should be afraid these are people who are in troubling relationships difficult relationships who can’t resolve minor conflicts,” said Chief Putney.

At the government center, I ran into County Commissioner Pat Cotham who ironically was leaving a Juvenile Crime Prevention Council meeting, where they’re deciding what groups to give $1.4 million in state dollars.

“We need more of that to prevent all of these crimes that are happening,” said Cotham.

Thursday State Senator Joel Ford who is running for Mayor of Charlotte sent out a crime plan including more police officers and creating new jobs.

“It’s shocking and as a community, we need to be concerned and we need to have all hands on deck and local government needs to have a sense of urgency,” said State Senator, Joel Ford.

Chief Putney says they are working with the community and need people to put their money where their mouth is to help.

“The Y is looking to open up about four facilities to do just that kind of thing to allow for a venue and we’re trying to get the funding to do that right now,” said Putney.

Meanwhile, Putney says CMPD needs your help, they can’t prevent if they don’t know where to look.

“If you know somebody in a problematic relationship or if you know somebody going through a beef you got to say something early that’s the only way we as a police service can be proactive,” said Putney.