CMPD investigates violent 24 hours in Queen City

CHARLOTTE, NC– “There was a bullet in that car, bullet in that car, bullet hit the F-150, like six or seven shots easy,” said witness, Nicholas McDougal.

Shots fired in broad daylight at Beatties Ford Road and West Trade Street in West Charlotte causing two SUV’s to crash head on. Police say medic took one person to the hospital with injuries from the crash but no one was shot. Johnson C Smith went on lock down until police sorted out what happened.
The suspected shooter drove off. Detectives are also searching for a suspect who shot another man in the bathroom at Longhorn Steakhouse on Old Mallard Creek Road Thursday night.

“The encounter may have been random in that we don’t think the victim and suspect arrived at same location to meet each other however they encountered each other in the restaurant as a result of that encounter you had an incident that occurred inside the restaurant,” said CMPD Capt. Brian Foley.

Captain Foley says both the suspect and victim were convicted felons and had a fight before the shooting.

“It would appear there was some reason they had a confrontation both individuals left the restaurant for a brief period of time before coming back in when the actual shooting occurred,” said Capt. Foley.

That victim is in critical but stable condition. Witnesses at Friday’s shooting say random or not the violence in Charlotte is getting worse and they’re worried innocent bystanders could be the next victims.

“I guess the next question going to be is it ever going to stop or is it going to get worse I mean we haven’t gotten to the summer yet,” said Capt. Foley.