Charlotte Ex-Mayor Patrick Cannon Launches Radio Show

CHARLOTTE, NC – Charlotte’s disgraced ex-mayor Patrick Cannon is back in the spotlight, launching a new radio show.

It’s an effort to rebuild his reputation after serving prison time for accepting bribes.

“I apologize. I apologize and ask for your forgiveness,” Cannon told listeners Saturday. He addressed the bribery scandal that sunk his political career and put him behind bars.

“I’m not perfect and I know that I’ll never be. I made a mistake that, you know, hey, I will never look to make again, regarding irrational decision making,” Cannon said.

At the Table with Cannon will air every Saturday morning at 9:00 on 105.3 FM.

In his first show, Cannon took calls and vowed to re-engage with the community.

It’s a return to broadcasting for Cannon – who also hosted another radio show before he ran for Mayor.

“People do have short attention spans in American politics,” says UNC Charlotte Political Science Professor Eric Heberlig.

Heberlig says me Cannon will likely use the radio gig to keep engaged and test the waters for what he might do next.

“See if there’s still a role for him and a constituency that will support him,” Heberlig explains.

He says if Cannon wants to run again, he should wait a few years to try and convince voters.

“It’s hard to say in this situation whether they would trust him. But he may not need their trust. He may just need their vote,” Heberlig says.

Cannon, offering advice on his show to those who might be tempted like he was said, “Simply think before you act. That in itself could have made all the difference in my life.”