Mother Wakes Up to Man Climbing into Window

CHARLOTTE, NC — A mother wakes up to a man climbing into her bedroom, one of numerous unsolved crimes at neighboring East Charlotte apartment complexes. Now, the neighborhood is calling for more police.

“She feels sad,” said Luis Rojas.

The nine-year-old translated for his mother, Erica Gregorio who only speaks Spanish.

She says she fears for her children’s safety after waking up to the man trying to get into her home as she slept with her kids.

It happened just before 6:30 Saturday morning in the Teal Point Drive apartment complex in East Charlotte.

“Horrible. Lo siento,” said Gregorio as she began to cry.

She says the man ran off when she woke up.

“She didn’t know what to do to defend her kids,” said Rojas.

30 minutes earlier, a woman says four men held her at gunpoint and stole her SUV.

They’re the latest victims at the Teal Point Drive apartments and the Greenbryer Apartments next door.

“This is new,” said a neighbor who asked that we hide her identity. “I think about my kids first thing, you know? People breaking in houses, and I’m a single parent, so.”

CMPD investigated 21 crimes in the past two months at these complexes off Sharon Amity Rd. near Central Ave.

The city’s 26th homicide this year happened at the Greenbryer.

19-year-old Kevin Marquez was shot and killed.

The complex employees say they have made no security upgrades on their end.

“If you are used to it, crime rate in an area, you used to just know people are going to try you,” said another resident, Willie Clark.

Gregorio has boarded her window and installed an alarm.

She says fingerprint dust on her window is a reminder that police still haven’t caught the man who tried to break inside.

“She doesn’t feel safe here,” said Rojas.

CMPD says it is increasing patrols around the complexes.

Here is some advice that police say could help:
Do not walk in poorly lit areas.
Avoid standing at a bus stop alone, especially at night.
If approached by someone in a car, change your direction and enter a crowded store or business.
Carry a cell phone and some type of safety device (i.e.: flashlight, whistle, pepper spray and etc) when walking at night.
Be alert to someone who asks for directions and/or continues to engage you in conversation.
Be identification conscious: Observe your attacker’s personal appearance, type of weapon used, and type of vehicle so you can accurately describe them to police. Immediately report the incident to the police and do not hang up until the police arrive.