Panthers OT Michael Oher Turns Himself In On Assault Charges

UPDATE: Carolina Panthers’ Michael Oher turned himself in to authorities to face an assault charge.  Oher was booked at the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office in Nashville, Tennessee.

Previous Story Posted May 4th

NASHVILLE, TN — Nashville police say Michael Oher was issued a citation following a physical altercation with an Uber driver on April 14th.

Police say that shortly before 9pm, Oher was issued a misdemeanor assault citation after he and an Uber driver got into a physical altercation following an argument during the ride.

According to a report, the Uber driver, Girma Berkessa, 48, picked up Oher and four of his friends that evening to go to a restaurant downtown. Officials say an argument broke out between Oher and Berkessa when he attempted to take a route different than what Oher had instructed. Oher believed Berkessa was taking a longer route to increase the fare.

Police say the argument continued throughout the trip, and when they arrived at the destination Berkessa got out of the vehicle to open the door for the rear passengers. The report says Oher, who was riding in the front, got out and confronted Berkessa.

The report says Berkessa put his hands up to Oher’s face, and Oher pushed him to the ground. Berkessa also told police that Oher kicked him in the leg as he was being restrained by the other passengers.

Oher is scheduled to appear in court on May 8th for the charge.