Charlotte Bloods Gang Member Sentenced to Life in Prison for Lake Wylie Murders Appeals Sentence

UPDATE: On Monday, Malcolm Hartley filed an appeal for his sentence of life in prison after pleading guilty to the murders of Doug and Debbie London.

Court documents say that Hartley was the “triggerman” in the 2014 Lake Wylie killings. Hartley and his co-defendant, Jamell Cureton, were sentenced on April 25th.

You can read the full appeal by clicking here: Malcolm Hartley Notice Of Appeal


CHARLOTTE, NC – Two Charlotte members of the Bloods gang will spend the rest of their lives in prison for the murders of a Lake Wylie couple.

The judge called the killings cruel and brutal before handing down the sentences.

U.S. Attorneys say they hope the sentences will bring peace to the families of Doug and Debbie London.

The two were murdered at their Lake Wylie, South Carolina home in October 2014.

Investigators say Jamell Cureton aka “assassin” aka “Murda Mel” ordered the killings from his cell in the Mecklenburg County Jail.

He wanted to keep Doug London from testifying against him and two other gang members who robbed the couple’s mattress store.

Malcolm Hartley aka “Bloody Silent” carried out the murders.

Documents say Hartley shot Debbie in the face when she answered the door at their Lake Wylie home — then shot Doug in the chest and back.

In court, Cureton apologized to Doug and Debbie London’s family.

“I think you heard him in court today and I think he is very remorseful for his acts,” explains attorney Rick Winiker.

Cureton and Hartley reached plea deals that spared them the death penalty.

Cureton’s attorneys asked the judge to recommend he be let out of solitary confinement, where he’s been for two years.

The judge said he would leave that to the Bureau of Prisons.

In court, Hartley’s mom made an emotional plea that her son was simply mixed up in the wrong crowd.

His attorney spoke after the hearing.

“This was a young man that had a pathway out. Made a poor decision and kind of spiraled from there,” explains Dan Roberts.