FBI Led Gang Round Up Could Impact Charlotte Crime Rates

CHARLOTTE, NC — “I suspect there will be a significant impact to our overall violent crime rate,” says CMPD Chief Kerr Putney.

Murders, assaults, robberies drug deals and financial crimes. The 83 gang members rounded up today are suspected of terrorizing neighborhoods across our area.

Those defendants are facing a litany of charges involving racketeering, firearms, and violent crime. and the department of justice says this is just the beginning.

“This is the indictment that was returned by a federal grand jury this week,” United States Attorney for the Western District of North Carolina told assembled media.

83 Bloods gang members charged. A 69-count indictment, including six murders and five attempted murders. The fruits of eight years of work from a coordinated, multi-agency task force. The arrests spanning five states from the Carolinas to Florida and  New York, with the bulk in the Charlotte area.

“Approximately 600 law enforcement officers set out to arrest 55 members of the Nine Trey Gangsters,” says FBI Special Agent in Charge John Strong.

28 of the defendants were already in jail, accused of helping run a criminal empire from behind bars. 10 suspects are still at large.

“They kill, rape, intimidate and steal,” says Dana Boente, Acting Attorney General for the National Security Division. “They peddle their drugs in our communities.”

“Seized heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine, marijuana,” details Strong.

Murder, assault, narcotics and a collection of firearms maintained and circulated by gang members; all the hallmarks of gang activity. But the UBN also deals heavily in financial crimes, identity theft, credit card fraud, bank fraud funding their efforts.

“They’re not just doing violent crime,” says CMPD Chief Kerr Putney. “They’re branching out. They’re doing a lot of fraud. And what we see now is that big impact. It’s going to help us on both sides.”

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police has detectives on the FBI Safe Streets Task Force. Shelby Police, the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office and Gastonia Police are also involved.

Chief Putney says this unprecedented round-up can only help with Charlotte’s rising crime rates.

“There was a seamless amount of work done across all jurisdictions,” says Chief Putney. “The feds really helped bring that together to have an impact. Today, because of that work, we made our region a lot safer.”

“Our message to the UBN is we have come for you!” says Westmoreland. “And we’re going to keep coming for you.”

“The public deserves to feel safe in their neighborhoods,” says Strong. “And they rely on us to provide that safety.”

The Department of Justice calls today’s indictments a serious blow to the leadership structure and the ranks of the United Blood Nation.